Environmental Commitment

Committed to our customers and the environment

As a company, Wesch takes our commitment to the environment seriously. Advanced technologies enable our environmentally friendly approach to cleaning and to running our company. We rely on the gentlest solvents and maintain the highest environmental standards. Most importantly, we are not afraid to invest in processes and practices that minimize waste and our impact on the environment.

Some of our current efforts include:

  • Packaging completed orders in bio-degradable poly bags
  • Cleaning with DF 2000 solvent, which is safe, odorless and can be used on many sensitive fabrics
  • Employing solvent disposal that follows the strict standards and processes set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Installing and using energy efficient LED lighting throughout our plant and each of our locations
  • Utilizing a hanger recycling program

Not only do we continuously find ways to improve the cleaning and care we provide to customers, but we also seek out ways to demonstrate our commitment to the environment. It’s an important facet of our company’s culture and we know how important it is to you.